5 New Year Resolutions for Entrepreneurs
Published: January 28, 2019
We have all made new year resolutions year after year with personal targets kept in mind. We want to pay attention towards losing weight, kick a vice, reading more books and so on. New year resolutions always bring along with them excitement and a deadline to adhere to. Accomplishing these resolutions have a profound sense of pride and achievement in us and we set furthermore goals to improve the quality of our life. Likewise, we can set goals for our business as well that can be a mix of achieving targets to learning from lessons of the past and not committing them in future.
Below are the five resolutions we suggest you must make to bring in the new year:
1) Make business reviews a weekly event: Set a target for various activities like increasing sales to bringing down costs for the new year. But setting goals only will not culminate into achieving them. For this you need to review your actions every week and see whether the plan is going in the right direction or needs modifications.
2) Train yourself in something new: Be it a short-term certificate course or a part time vocation that might help your business, try and train yourself in something new this year. Technology is upgrading by the minute and you may want to introduce these advancements in your business. Having a short-term certification course might just help you in easing your processes and increasing the efficiency of the business.
3) Network, network, network: Networking with professionals or other entrepreneurs in your line of business could help you tremendously in improving your business decisions or processes. Many a times we follow traditional methods in running the business and through networking and business meets you might come across innovative ways that can help you improve the quality of your business.
4) Resolve to introduce one innovation in each processes of your business: Innovation is the key to success. Stay focussed and jot down what is that one innovation that you can make in your business processes that will make you stand out in competition. Innovating would also mean increasing the efficiency of the business processes.
5) Jot down what did not work for you last year and eradicate it: While you embark on the new year, you must sit down and think what were the things/mistakes that did not work out favourably for your business. If somethings proved disasters for your business, just eradicate those practices this year and if you had committed a few mistakes last year that resulted in hampering the business, learn from those and don’t repeat them this year.