Benefit your business by taking your staff on a weekend holiday
Published: January 28, 2019
Human resources are the most crucial ones in deciding the success of a business. While you may have formulated the policies, it is the people who are going to implement it. Remember the happy index of the staff can contribute majorly to the success of your venture. Long working hours, strict deadlines and the environment of a manufacturing unit can often take a toll on your employees mental and physical well-being. We list below how taking your staff on a weekend holiday can not only boost their morale but also inculcate the values of your enterprise in them.
1) Taking your team over a weekend in a nearby resort, for example, will create a positive image of the owner and the overall work culture of the company. If planned well in advance, the bookings too won’t burn a hole in your pocket and taking them out in a lean season will not affect the business as well. It will have an impact on the workforce who will realise that they are being valued by the enterprise.
2) You will also get to know your team better and their hidden qualities might come out in the open if there are various activities planned also in the trip. You can identify these talents and use them in growing your business.
3) It will surely earn you good word of mouth publicity and the market reputation will grow as far as potential employees are concerned. Such activities spread fast in the market as the employees discuss them with friends, share the pictures on social media etc. People would look forward to work with you seeing that you value your work force and don’t treat them badly.
4) Recognise their efforts and award them suitably in these outings. Who doesn’t like to receive awards? It instils a sense of pride in achieving professional goals and also motivates and inspires others to put in efforts so that they can become recipient of such awards. This not only boosts the morale of the work force but also helps in team building process.