CSR Activites at Capri Global
Published: May 23, 2019
Enabling a Culture of genuine responsibility
What CSR means at Capri Global
When we initiate our CSR activities, there’s always an intention to touch lives and make a difference in the society for its betterment and progress by enveloping a sizable population into our shelter of care that harvests seeds of a sustainable development.
It is our endeavour to reduce the gap between the privileged and the distressed target communities of our nation so that our social environment can be a stage of stability in the face of piercing financial distinction in a global backdrop.
Fostering relationships of mentorship with our adoptees gives us the juncture to induct conscious traces of economic independence and human empowerment. It is our privilege to improve their standard of living and become the structure to designs of lost canvases in a mural of hanging lives somewhere close to God.
Here are some excerpts from an exclusive interview with Capri Global CSR Representative – Neeta Joshi
“We have transformed close to 5000 journeys sinceour CSR inception in 2014,” says Neeta with a fervent expression, revealing pure passion for her work she does at Capri.
The idea to achieve socio-economic welfare for our society comes from a strategic point of focus that is to establish an apparatus of remittance to the willing who want to fight their circumstances and improve their lifestyles.
Our various programs like Capri Education Initiative, Capri Skilling and Livelihood and Capri Health and Nutrition program are targeted towards future leaders of our nation who tread past their difficulties and dare to dream for Zen fulfilment that comes from overcoming their own roadblocks by accepting our assistance and sailing through their sinking boats into our harbour of limitless possibilities for them.
We have invested a total of 3crores 40 lakhs in CSRcontributions to date that will include building a concrete infrastructure for education and sanitation facilities in tribal villages of Maharashtra and presenting scholarship opportunities for higher education for the deserved, skilling the unskilled and nutrition to malnourished in the coming years.
She says, “We closely monitor the progress of our programs with timely visits to the sites we adopt. It doesn’t end there; in close association with the government we make sure our adoptees receive the right atmosphere to ripen enough to face the world and its challenges in future.”
Neeta adds, “Our CSR is more than vested interests of philanthropy.” We make the change so that the change itself can nestle the smooth movement in nurturing their needs.
How does Capri measure the success of their CSR actions?
When we see them push towards improvement and become resourceful and responsible for their own economic acceleration; it is with independence and confidence is when we know we have made a qualitative impact on their subconscious freedom. Neeta says, “Businesses have a moral duty towards embedding social accountability in their corporate ethos.” By becoming the crutches of the crippled, businesses can medicate the survival of the impoverished.
We strongly affirm that our nation’s socio-economic framework can be fostered with greater conscious efforts by businesses willing to revolutionize the disjunct landscape of our society.
Neeta ends with a compassionate smile and phrase that may stroke a vision of every capable human doing their part in setting milestones for lifting the indigents of India, “While revelling in your success, contribute your bit to those whose wheels you can be in driving them to change their future prospects.”