Five simple steps to getting your dream home
Published: February 19, 2020
As a home buyer, you expect fast, flexible and fair housing finance with transparent processes. We understand that you have evolved and so have your needs to understand the process of acquiring a home loan.
At Capri Global, we believe that every experience counts and having a simple process in place is the first step to delivering a seamless experience every time. Here’s a broad outline of what your home loan roadmap with Capri Global would look like today:
Kick-start your application process – A Capri Global representative collects documents required (from your home or office) and helps you fill the application form.
Get your EMI calculation done by experts – Factors such as the loan amount, loan tenure, monthly income and interest rates are analysed to arrive at the EMI.
Speedy verification of all documents – After verifying all your documents to affirm eligibility, a sanction will be issued in your favour.
Loan agreement process is initiated – The loan agreement is executed with a disbursal request after you understand all the necessary details of fulfilment and support.
Loan amount transferred to your account – The loan amount will be credited to your bank account. Now it’s time to think about your new home and your life there.
Also, don’t miss out on these important facts before starting-off on your home loan journey.
1) Start cleaning up your credit history as it is first thing that shows up during the verification process.
2) Ensure all previous loans are paid off or the payments are not overdue for any existing loan.
3) Maintain a good credit balance every month and ensure there is no chance of any cheques bouncing.
4) Make sure all your documents are in place before beginning the loan application process.
Here is a handy list of the important documents needed – Bank statements of 6 months to a year, proof of business, salary slips, balance sheets/ P&L statements, Form 16s from previous three years, identity and residency proofs.
Looking for your future residence also calls for a partner who is equally invested in your future. At Capri Global, you will find the perfect partner who can advise you on every step to ensure your future investment is secured. Count on us to help you move into your home and making great memories.