How Capri Global is fostering entrepreneurship
MSME Entrepreneurship
Published: August 5, 2020
We are on a mission of building a financially empowered India, by enabling entrepreneurs from the MSME sector to be financially self-reliant. We wish to eliminate the financial barrier one has to cross in pursuit of his/her dream. We, at Capri Global believe that everyone has the right to progress and lack of funds shouldn’t be a reason one gives up on their dreams. When it comes to making dreams come true, we mean business.
Our Vision – “To give everyday people the power to shape their futures, dream bigger and turn every opportunity into a success story”.
Today, the funding gap for Indian MSMEs stands at a humongous INR 70 trillion that we intend to bridge. And we wish to do that through our rich understanding of each business from a local and social perspective.
The impact we’ve made so far?
We have opened doors to over 15000 MSME businesses since inception out of which over 6000 of them were in 2019. We strongly believe that the time to invest in MSMEs is now as the youth of the nation are willing to take the risk to grow their business.
All of our products and services revolve around our customers
28.8% of the benefactors were first time borrowers
80.7% of our customers have increased their credit bureau scores
How are we fostering entrepreneurship?
In the last decade, the term ‘Entrepreneur’ has become very popular. Though these entrepreneurs contribute to the economy, it is still hard for them to avail credit to sustain their enterprises. We have made it our mission to help these customers kick start their business.
Here’s the story of Sonal Sharma
Chetan Glass and Hardware store was in the hands of Sonal Sharma after the demise of her husband. To run the business, Sonal had to get a grasp on how glass is made, designed and transported. She was expected to manage orders and sales promptly with customers spread across Gujarat. Sonal knew she had found the answer when her loan was approved and fast tracked. She could now focus on things that mattered with purpose and determination. Currently, there are 4 branches of Chetan Glass House in Ahmedabad and Sonal successfully earns a revenue of 8 lakhs.
Just like Sonal, we have financially enabled entrepreneurs or provided a stimulus for business ventures run by low-income families, our goal is to make more and more people a part of India’s growth story.