How to manage your SME loan and where to spend it in your business
Published: February 18, 2019

So, the SME loan you applied for has been credited in your account. While this is great development for your business and your money matters have been sorted, here are a few things that you can start doing immediately after receiving the loan that will positively impact your enterprise.

1. Have a repayment plan in place: This should ideally be done before the application process, so that once the loan is credited you have a repayment schedule in place. Remember, you can improve your credit ratings by timely repayment of the loan thereby build a positive reputation and financial health of your enterprise.
2. Don’t rush into taking another loan: Financial institutions might roll out tempting offers on new loan products that could be hard to refuse but do not rush in taking another one before having serviced the existing SME loan. More loans mean more money to repay at regular intervals. Your loan should not become a burden on you. Rather than going for a new loan account, carefully examine whether you need more money. If the answer to this question is yes, then seek a top up from your existing lender or go for refinancing with the same lender.
3. Invest in upgrading technology: One should not think that buying an expensive laptop or a mobile phone will lead to upgradation of technology in the business. It is the automation of the processes like documentation, accounting etc that will boost the efficiency of your business.
4. Seek professional advice: Taking advice from a chartered accountant or a law firm can help the business phenomenally as they can bring their expertise in your venture. A CA firm can guide you on the health of your finance and how you can upscale it further without hampering your business prospects.
5. Create your brand value: Invest in marketing your products and your business as a whole. Develop a website of your enterprise and invest in designing your logo and other stationery material. These steps will enhance your brand image and help positively in your business growth.