MSME a silent revolution
Published: February 18, 2019
The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) segment is expected to play a vital role in the growth of the Indian economy because of its tremendous potential to generate employment and bridge the urban-rural gap. The development of this segment is extremely important to meet the national imperatives of financial inclusion of various strata of the society. At CGCL, we see ourselves as playing the role of a catalyst in the social revolution that the MSME sector is going to bring in the coming years. We will nurture and support the new age entrepreneurs who have the potential to create globally competitive businesses from India.
If one looks at the global scenario, it is the MSME sector that has bailed out regions from economic downturns. The MSME therefore truly deserves to be attributed as a backbone for a country’s growth. Empowering these very entrepreneurs who will be contributing significantly is CGCL’s core agenda.
There is a silent revolution that the MSME sector is set out to bring in the nation. It is a false notion that only the billion-dollar corporates are generating employment in the country. The truth is that around 40%of the total work force comes from the MSME sector. It is important to note that is the small and medium enterprises who are generating employment in the rural and semi-urban areas leading to growth in the utmost underserved areas. By supporting them build their enterprises by financing for expansion or buying sophisticated equipment or training of their personnel, CGCL plays the role of a catalyst in the truest sense. The money raised by entrepreneurs from us helps them in introducing modern technology to their businesses making them capable of competing with their international counter parts and generate more employment and enhance the skill sets of the people which ultimately has a solid social impact.
We weave ourselves in the enterprises we support in a way that while it helps entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises and fulfil their dreams, at the same time the very enterprise also becomes an important stakeholder in the location where it is situated. Growth of a small or medium enterprise directly affects several other small businesses and boosts the overall growth of the region.
The increasing trend of the contribution of this sector in the GDP indicates that MSME sector will be instrumental in the transformation of the Indian economy from an agrarian to an industrial one.
At CGCL, we do not look at them as ‘small’ businesses. We look at them as high quality businesses as the zeal in the entrepreneurs running them are so high that they are involved in the business activities 24×7. The insatiable hunger in these new age entrepreneurs attracts our attention and takes us on a mission to become a part of their success stories and ultimately the ‘India Growth’ story. We strongly believe that entrepreneurship-led economic growth is more robust and inclusive.
Creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem will require strong capital inflows as well. We at CGCL are committed to this cause and are reaching out to those who have great ideas but are stuck with finances. As an important stakeholder of the innovation ecosystem, CGCL has a crucial role to play