Unlocking the enormous potential in women Entrepreneurs at Capri Global
Published: February 18, 2019
There is a huge credit deficit in the businesses run by women entrepreneurs in the country. Women are often not projected as highly in leadership roles in the MSME sector and are engaged in the informal, low skilled sector. We at CGCL have a counter view on this. We believe that women, who are the principal decision-makers in consumer spending can offer better innovation in the businesses if motivated enough. We are committed in unlocking the potential of new age women entrepreneurs who face a big challenge in having access to finance.
Globally, 30 per cent of the MSMEs are run by women and there is a credit deficit of around 300 billion dollars that hampers the growth of enterprises run by women. We see an enormous potential in women-run-businesses and believe in empowering them and become a partner in their prosperity.
We believe that women can open new markets because of the different strengths they possess than men. Women entrepreneurs leverage unique assets and abilities, and these can play a vital role in emerging economies like ours. For instance, a woman taking tuitions at home wants to expand her venture and open a coaching class or a nursery playgroup but is stuck with finances. Here is the potential that is completely off the radar. She can become a successful entrepreneur if her dreams if given a boost initially. Who knows that the same woman who would teach 4-5 students at home can run a chain of coaching classes in the city. By doing this not only will she realise her own dream but also contribute significantly to the society by generating jobs to run her business et al.
So, if you are a woman already having a business or wanting to start one and facing difficulties in expanding the same, reach out to us. We are here to help you. While you focus on growing your business, we will take care of your financial needs. We will support you in all stages of your business growth.