CSR Committee formulates and recommends to the Board CSR Policy, amount of expenditure to be incurred on CSR projects and monitoring CSR policy and projects from time to time

Rajesh Sharma

“At Capri, our CSR efforts are an extension of our business vision. We believe the gap between the haves and have nots needs to be narrowed down through respect and empowerment. Today, our key focus areas are education, healthcare and nutrition for young children from deprived backgrounds and employment readiness through vocational training and skill development. Our CSR vision is to make the deprived self-sufficient in a sustainable and meaningful manner.”

Bhagyam Ramani

“We are driving Capri Global’s CSR efforts towards delivering a sustainable change for society. This is being done with a scientific approach, choosing the right execution partners and measuring our output. Today, we have touched the lives of many Indians to drive a positive change in their life, either through childcare, education and health interventions or skill-based training. It is a matter of pride for each member of the Capri team to be part of this noble mission. At Capri, helping a needy individual is a way of life.”

Beni Prasad Rauka

“As a corporate, giving back to society in which our businesses thrive is no more a choice but a genuine ask. At Capri India, we are driving our CSR efforts towards developing a sense of equity for every human being irrespective of socio-economic background. By takin care of children in their early livelihood, we are making them better prepared for the future. Through vocational training and skill development, we are creating a significant amount of blue-collar talent who are ready to enter India’s workforce.”