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Find answers to all your questions here. We recommend going through all the relevant articles for any queries on loans.
How do I approach for loan?
Fill up enquiry form at website or contact at the customer care no’s, we will love to serve you.
What Documents are needed for approving a loan?
At Capri we ensure that minimum documents are collected and evaluation is done of your proposal. We require below mentioned documents: ID proofs, address proofs, Bank statements, Property Papers, Financials.
How many days you take to sanction a loan?
At Capri each case undergoes a thorough evaluation process. We normally take 7 to 15 working days to decision the loan depending upon sufficient fulfillment of requirements.
What Charges do I need to pay along with interest?
Kindly refer the section schedule of charges.
What type of installment options are available to me?
Capri offers Equated instalment as well as Structured installment options for tenors 12 to 120 months.
What type of properties are funded by CCGL?
You can speak to the Relationship Manager for more details on this.

Other Questions

How will Capri Global decide the loan amount I am eligible for?
We have customized income programs to calculate your loan eligibility which takes into account your actual income. We will determine your loan eligibility largely by your income and repayment capacity and collateral offered. Other important factors include your age, qualification, number of dependents, your spouse’s income (if any), Other Income, Assets & Liabilities, Savings History and the Stability & Continuity of occupation.
What interest rates do you charge?
Our interest rates depend upon creditworthiness and market conditions.
How do you assess my requirement?
Your requirement is assessed on the following parameters: Quantitative Parameters
1. Financial Ratios
2. Sales Turnover and Profitability Record
3. Credit History Qualitative Parameters
1. Management Details / Shareholding Pattern
2. Understanding Business Models through Personal Discussions
3. Industry
What is the Minimum & Maximum age norms to avail of this facility?
Minimum age of the self employed applicant should be 25 years & Maximum age of 65 years.
What do I need to give as security?
Following will be taken as security
1. The Asset financed (Equipment proforma Invoice mandatory prior to disbursement in all cases)
2. Hypothecation endorsement in the invoice and insurance (Including Transit Insurance) to be present before disbursement of loan along with Equipment Loan cum Hypothecation agreement.
3. Additional Property collateral or any suitable collateral such as Fixed Deposits and LIC policies (as specified from time to time by us)
What are the stages involved in availing a loan?
The stages involved are:
1. Application
2. Processing
3. Documentation
4. Sanctioning of the loan
5. Disbursement