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How does E-collect work?
Please find below link to access E-collect Manual to understand how the work flow operates.
How much time will it take for the amount to reflect in my Loan Account?
It will take approximately 4 hours for the payment to reflect in the Loan account.
Amount deducted but not updated in Gold Loan Account?
If the Amount does not reflect in the Loan account within 4 hours the amount will be refunded back to the source account.
Amount deducted but transaction in process?
This will depend on the Bank Partners, if the amount gets failed from the source bank the amount will be refunded back.
Payment done in the wrong account?
It is the customers onus to ensure they are sending money to the correct account.
Capri will not hold any liability if the amount gets credited in another customer’s account.
Whom to get in touch in case of any query?
All customers can email to or call 1800-102-102-1 to raise complaints. Or they can get in touch with their Relationship Manager or visit the branch.
Who will bear Payment Gateway Charges?
There are different charges for different type of Payment Methods. They charges need to be borne by the customer.