Advantages of taking a loan from Capri Global
Published: January 28, 2019
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Have you ever been turned down by a bank or a financial institution for lack of stringent documentation? Or Has it taken a long time for you to get an approval or disbursal for loan? If your answer to either or both the questions is YES, your answer could have been different had you applied for a loan at Capri Global Capital Limited (CGCL)
We explain to you here in detail as to why your experience could have been far smoother by taking a loan from us:
Easy processing, spot approval and quick documentation:
When one approaches a bank with a loan proposal, the documentation process is not only lengthy but also is equally time consuming. At CGCL, we believe in quick processing of the loan documents and several times we approve loans on the spot with our trained executives making an assessment right at your doorstep.
Secondly, what purpose will be solved if you do not get the money at a time when you need it the most. “Money matters the most when its needed. If an application is approved and the documentation process is completed, we believe in disbursing the loan amount to the borrower as soon as possible. In certain instances, we have disbursed the loan amount within a week’s time,” says Rajesh Sharma, director of CGCL.
Flexibility in assessing your income
The borrowing capacity is always attributed to the proof of income documents submitted by an applicant to the bank. This is done to evaluate the position of the applicant in repaying the loan. Most of the time, either the application is rejected on grounds of less income or very less amount is sanctioned against what a borrower applies for. “Many people who need a loan do not have income proofs or bank statements that reflect their financial condition. We see this especially in those seeking home loans. The borrowers in this segment often do not have a digital financial footprint as they are paid in cash by their employers for example drivers. We do not plainly reject an application just because of ‘no proof of income’. On the contrary, we assess the income of the family. We take into account the salary received in cash by the applicant as well as the income generated by his family members and if the collective income is enough to sustain their lifestyle after paying the EMI for loan we do not reject their application,” says Mr Sharma
Transparency at each stage, manage loans at your finger tips:
There are no hidden charges whatsoever in taking a loan from Capri Global Capital Limited. The borrower is handed over a kit that explains in detail each stage of the loan process and charges transparently.
We associate ourselves with the technological advancements and upgrade our mechanisms with an aim to ease the user experience both in terms of tracking as well as managing the loan. Right after application for a loan, each process and status can be checked at the finger tips.
Personal attention, door step services:
Its often a cumbersome process to reach out with queries on your loan account with financial institutions. But at CGCL, our representatives assist you on every query right from the application process and throughout the tenure of the loan giving a personal touch to the relationship. Many services are also offered right at your doorstep by CGCL.