Applying First Time for a Small Business Loan? Know the Do's and Don'ts.
Dos and Donts
Published: Feb 22, 2023

A business loan in India is an ideal starting point for anyone intending to start their own business. However, due to the lengthy process and multiple steps involved in getting a small business up and running, many might get intimidated. Here is all that you need to know about applying for small business loans, including the process and precautions you must take while doing so.

What is a business loan?

For people starting their own businesses, a business loan in India provides a specific sum of money to put their business plans into action. The sum of money provided by the bank or non-banking financial institution can be repaid over with a specified tenure and predefined interest rates. Some of the different types of business loans available in India are as follows:

●Term loans
●Working capital loans
●Startup loans
●Invoice financing

Small business loans empower business owners to expand and diversify their businesses. It helps them in increasing their customer base and augment the range of products or services. With nearly 12 million small businesses registered all over India, it becomes necessary to understand the most important points which can help you while applying for small business loans for the very first time.
Reasons for small businesses to apply for loans
Any individual starting out with basic funds to start their small business may need to secure further funds. The need for small business loans can be attributed to the following purposes:
1.Applying for small business loans can help in hiring individuals who can drive the business towards growth.
2.A small business loan can also help in purchasing the latest equipment for manufacturing the best quality products.
3.Once you have the required eligibility for a business loan, it gives you a chance to promote and advertise the services or products your business provides.
4.Small business loans for your business can also help with improving brand awareness and acquiring more customers.
5.Business loans can be extremely helpful in providing additional avenues for learning and development for the staff.

Getting a business loan in India for the first time

The process of getting a business loan in India, especially for the first time can be quite time-consuming and exhaustive. However, with the following steps, the question about how to qualify for a small business loan can be answered in the best way possible:

1)Knowing your credit score can ensure your eligibility for a business loan is not impacted in any way.

2)Calculating the loan amount needed for your business is another essential step in the process of getting a small business loan.

3)Attaching all the necessary documents along with your business loan application in India will improve the chances of qualifying for the loan amount with which you start your small business.

In order to be approved for a business loan in India for the first time, it is always better to provide additional documents whenever needed. Apart from the documents, it is necessary to have some form of collateral that can strengthen your eligibility for a business loan.

Precautions to take while applying for a small business loan
While applying for a small business loan, taking proper precautions can reduce the chances of loan rejection. Some of the most common dos and don’ts that should be followed are as follows: –
1)Maintaining a credit score of 750 or higher can help in faster approval of your business loan application in India.
2)Comparing small business loans from different banking and non-banking entities can help you in choosing the best financial organisation to apply for a business loan.
3)Choosing small business loans that provide ample time to repay the loan is better than shorter loan tenures with higher interest rates.
4)Applying for one business loan with any financial entity in India is better than applying for several small business loans with different financial organisations.
5)At the time of repaying EMIs for small business loans, it is essential to park a sum to take care of emergency expenses. That will help ensure timely repayment and won’t impact your credit scores or eligibility while applying for any future business loans in India.
Keeping these tips in mind can make the process of getting a loan easier and less complicated.

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