Effective Client Servicing Strategy for Business
Client Servicing
Published: February 18, 2019
Effective communication with clients can prove to be a vital factor in shaping up your business. Remember, the relationship with the client doesn’t end with a business transaction. For future retention of the client, it is imperative for a business to ensure that the client is satisfied by the products and services provided by the business.
Having staff dedicated to client servicing can add a lot of value to the way your business functions. For instance, once the goods are delivered to the client, getting his feedback on the condition of the goods, time taken for delivery and whether the packaging was good enough for downloading the goods can prove crucial for necessary changes you would want to make in your business.
If the feedback is negative, you should take a serious note of it and find ways to improve the process. At the same time, be courteous enough with your client and appreciate him for sharing his feedback with you. As a follow up, when the goods are delivered next time to him with the modifications, take his views again. Remember, no one would give you negative feedback just like that. If the client is satisfied with the changes, he would not only appreciate the same but also share his views about your business to other people building up your reputation.
Say for example, if you are in the business of tiffin services, client feedback will turn out to be the most crucial factor in shaping up your business. If you call up your clients at regular intervals and ask them whether they need any change like less spicy food or cooking with lesser oil or any other suggestions they want to make, that feedback will impact your business drastically.