Powering the entrepreneurs who power the economy
Published: February 19, 2020
Capri Global opens doors for MSME loan seekers in 2019.
The Indian business landscape boasts numerous success stories of entrepreneurs and MSMEs. These are shining examples of passion, courage and business acumen shaping the future of India. In many ways they are powering the growth engine of this economy.
In keeping with our commitment to opening doors for MSMEs, Capri Global provides these game-changers the financial assistance they need to expand their businesses. For us, it is more than a question of providing loans. We are proud to be part of a movement that empowers visionaries and that our efforts complement MSMEs in their contribution to the government’s ‘Make in India’ mission. Here’s how we levelled the playing field for MSMEs seeking loans:
Unlocking new opportunities
According to data compiled by CIBIL’s MSME pulse report, only 16% of MSMEs were financed by the formal banking system. The funding gap for the Indian MSME sector currently stands at a staggering Rs 16.66 lakh crore and Capri Global is committed to bridging this divide. We see our mission as one of creating new possibilities for our customers through the loans we provide.
To bring MSME entrepreneurs closer to their goals, Capri provides credit based on a rich understanding of each business from a local and social standpoint.
By enabling easy and transparent funding to start-ups, Capri MSME loans have enabled numerous new opportunities.
Making it easy for those who know their true calling
Our services span across eight states, with 1800 professionals dedicated to simplifying the process and helping MSMEs scale new heights. that’s built-to-suit first-time entrepreneurs. We deliver ease of access to MSME loans, with the eligibility criteria built-to-suit first-time entrepreneurs. Our robust, fast-pace loan process that has helped about 61% of our benefactors. These are first generation entrepreneurs, who were earlier unable to access credit due to lack of security. Nearly 53% of them started their careers with our loans. We currently have an active borrower base of over 15,000 businesses with an Average Ticket Size of INR 15 Lakhs from enterprises ranging from trade to restaurants and small manufacturing units to private schools.
Enabling women entrepreneurs to make their mark
We understand the pulse of the market and know what women entrepreneurs need. Often, due to the unique demands of the industries they specialize in, they need additional credit and support. However, getting timely funds from MSME finance companies can become especially challenging for women entrepreneurs.
Capri Global ensures customised service through various features in its lending model that grant the flexibility and support SME women entrepreneurs in India. Thanks to the efforts of our employees on ground, 15% of the businesses supported by Capri Global are today led by women.
Capri believes in fostering and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. By providing loans and facilitating the process to Indian entrepreneurs, we hope to help them achieve their goals. It is an expression of our belief – that profit and purpose can be achieved together to drive a positive change for humanity.