Nupur Mukherjee

Independent Director​


Deep understanding of data driven solutions, cloud, and AI technologies crucial in delivering automation and generating cost efficiencies. She has been a highly accomplished leader with proven track record of driving transformative initiatives in global banking and financial services.

Educational Qualification: B.Com (Hons.) in Maths and Computer Applications (MU), PMP (PMI Institute, US), and a number of certifications in the field of ESG, Data Science, and cloud computing.

She has held the position of Global Managing Director at Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays in India, SE Asia, China, and Europe, where she was responsible for a host of critical technology practices. She has also been associated with some of the top Indian technology companies in the past and is currently serving as Director of various technology companies. Presently, she offers strategic advisory on AI, ESG, Data, and growth initiatives to Indian banks, e-commerce, and services firms.